Birthday Management

Adrenalin will handle all logistics for you! Starting from any supplier to customizing your birthday from A-Z as you always dreamed about, HASSLE FREE! Just book your birthday and enjoy!

In/Out of Adrenalin Premises

You can enjoy the full Adrenalin birthday experience ANYWHERE you want! It doesn’t matter if it’s summer and you’re away from Cairo, if you live far away from Adrenalin Park or you fancy any other location, Adrenalin will provide the same unique experience anywhere.

Unique Games

Adrenalin is famous for (memorable) unforgettable birthdays! Your kid can choose between some of the best most intriguing activities.

Ask our Birthday specialist about the favorite games the kids like.

Cakes and Catering

Our caterer served thousands of satisfied customers! Enjoy our delicious customized meals and amazing cakes from our suppliers Cakes Gone Wild & Bonita.